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Naturally grown Natural Bamboo, Green Bamboo Stick and Bamboo Pole are available here.

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The Indian agricultural industry, specially the Bamboo sector has always been appreciated due to its increasing demand in the market for making a wide variety of products, ranging from ladders to kitchenware and more. However, souring quality bamboo can be a difficult task. Seizing the opportunity, we, Aji Enterprise, began offering our customers Bamboo Pole and Natural Bamboo of unmatched quality at fair prices. Considering the increasing demand of bamboo in view, we, as a producer and supplier, feel dedicated to the promotion of bamboo all over the country because it is one of those plants that is known for rendering limitless perks to the users in the form of sustainability, green alternative, strength and versatility. Apart from this, we also deal in Bamboo Pole. Our products and services always win the hearts of our customers.
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